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Eating patterns is based in Limassol - Cyprus and its goal is to promote healthy eating patterns to individuals and groups so as to prevent and/or overcome various health problems related to nutrition - usually by the use of individualised diets.

Experts around the world agree that a healthy eating pattern is fundamental to the maintenance of good health and well being. Healthy eating benefits almost every aspect of our health, throughout our lifetime. It means feeling good both physically and emotionally.

The role of the dietician, through knowledge and experience, is to assess individual needs (healthy weight, metabolic rate, body fat content, risks associated with unhealthy eating patterns, etc), to propose corrective means (healthy eating tips, sample healthy eating diets, educate on various fields of nutrition), to help in the implementation of these means (through continuous monitoring, motivating and supporting) and finally encourage the maintenance of these habits and weight. is centralised around the role of the dietician. As a dietician I will help you lose the extra weight and keep it off!

Services by a licenced dietitian include the following:
1. Initial consultation
2. Weight management (through individually devised diets and monitoring)
3. Weight stabilisation
4. Weight maintenance

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